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Help For your Eyes... Naturally!

Welcome to Eye Coaching  and the Energetic EyeHealing natural approach for you eyes.


My name is Roberto Kaplan, and after 40 years of clinical experience, I am ready to assist you long distance.


Light from within   What is Your Eye Difficulty or Symptom?  This could be an optical consideration like near or farsightedness, astigmatism, squint or lazy eye. Or, perhaps an eye disease, like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal or corneal problems, -itis condition, floaters,  macular degenerations or optic nerve problems. Write and share your situation with me, and I can offer you suggested steps.


What is the message behind the eyes? Most of the so-called ‘eye problems’ are like a print-out of something deeper, behind, and in the brain or mind.  My passion has been to find and decode these messages.  Armed with your personal EyeCode®, you will be ready to find out how to encode new ways for your eyes to function better.  You are most welcome to make contact with me for this decoding. I will then propose the encoding steps and practices you can use.



roberto-bolognaWith the help of my patients, my joy has been writing books and creating audio material for use at home. You will hear audio suggestions and healing statements that transform destructive perceptions into healthy ones. This is turn is felt by the individual cells and structures of your eyes. Very soon this healing process results in improved eyesight. My patients are returning with their eye doctor records of increased visual fields, lowered eye pressure, avoidance of cataract surgery, and healthier optic nerves. So let me guide you. Give it a try.




PR_ZurichI am committed to you reaching the best possible results for your vision. Whether a child, adult or the elderly, I offer personal and long distance coaching in my offices, on the phone,  or Skype. The events show which country I am visiting.

e-mail me for a meeting.      


 Each week I dedicate certain number of hours to assist my long distance clients. Here are the steps to follow:

i. Define your eye symptom or condition

ii. Decide if you wish to speak on Skype, phone or viber. Send me an  e-mail

iii. We set up a time to talk

iv. This first session is 20 minutes. (Use the coupon code: 1stcoaching when you order the session, and you will receive 50% reduction of fee) It’s up to you now to take the next step to have the vision improvement you seek.


  • Energetic Eye & LifeHealing in Vienna
    Come and meet me (Roberto Kaplan) for an Energetic Eye & LifeHealing session in VIENNA on January 6th or 7th, ONLY! By appointment. You can see more information here.  I look forward...
  • Roberto Kaplan in Oberstenfeld, Germany
    Come and meet Roberto Kaplan in Oberstenfeld, Germany only on January 21st and 22nd, 2015, for an in-depth eye coaching.  No matter what your eye condition is, there are positive impulses you will receive...
  • More clarity – Self-Healing for your eyes
    Unlike other programs for better vision the KaplanEyeCode ® is not about exercises. Dr. Kaplan looks instead to the design life of a person in order to show what works and...
  • Energetic Eye & LifeHealing – Iris Kaplan EyeCode®
    Energetic Eye & LifeHealing zeigt den Weg zu klar SEHEN und BEWUSSTHEIT                   "Menschsein bedeutet...

Eye Symptoms


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Eye Healing


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