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Change Your Perception.. EYESIGHT Improves!

Consider one thing you would like for your eyes and life!


Something you’d like to show up differently than currently is.  It could be a  relationship…..your job……your eye or general health…..your income……your sense of worth……or any number of other things.    SEE it?


Okay, now imagine what it would be like and how you would feel if you were SEEING this just the way you wanted?  As you feel into that, you now know what you DON’T want to see AND what you DO want to SEE.


Next…..and this is the reality check….ask your self what’s stopping you from  experiencing what you want to SEE RIGHT NOW?  Go into the conversations running around in your head. Notice they are talking about all the reasons preventing you from SEEING precisely what you want.   Write them down.  Then consider the possibility that these ‘reasons’ are just floating thoughts you believe in. They have no real power over you, other than what you give them.   Your belief is what keeps you stuck where you are.


So…..what do you do with these destructive beliefs?


Well, what I have discovered is that if you build a new perception, in that very second, the limiting beliefs stops.  You SEE and get exactly what you want.  The perception supports the experience of life you prefer and as well as the clearness of seeing.


How would you life look if you could do this in every area, not by your will power, but by intention and inspired will.  And, what if it only took a few moments to do so?


This is precisely the method that I, Roberto Kaplan, have developed. I have been using for over 40 years with myself, patients and clients.  The method is developed from the Iris Kaplan EyeCode® and is taught with the Energetic Eye & LifeHealing.  My participants and students bring remarkable miracles into their lives, as they use this simple, yet powerful tool.  Quickly, limiting perceptions are converted into possibility, freedom, joy, love peace and fulfilment. Eye problems heal and become an opportunity to evolve. I look forward to sharing more with you.



















Consulting  EYE COACHING                                                                                                                                                                   








Welcome, I am Roberto Kaplan, and am committed to you reaching the best possible results for your clear inner vision, resulting in healthier eyes and better eyesight.  Whether a child, adult or the elderly, I offer personal and long distance coaching in my offices, on the phone,  or Skype. The events show which country I am visiting.

Contact me for a meeting.      


 Each week I dedicate certain number of hours to assist my long distance clients. Here are the steps to follow:

i. Define your eye or life difficulty

ii. Decide if you wish to speak on Skype, phone or viber. Contact me

iii. We set up a time to talk

iv. This first session is 20 minutes. (Use the coupon code: 1stcoaching when you order the session, and you will receive 50% reduction of fee) It’s up to you now to take the next step to have the vision improvement you seek.


  • Eye Coaching in VIENNA
    Come and meet me (Roberto Kaplan) for Eye Coaching in VIENNA on December, 28th, ONLY! By appointment. You can see more information here.  I look forward to seeing you.   Roberto. This...
  • Energetic Life & EyeHealing – Self Experience Seminar
    Energetic Eye & LifeHealing is a method that makes use of the Diopter/Eye Disease Kaplan EyeCode®. In this two and half day self healing experience your eye information and conditions will be investigated...
  • Energetic Eye & LifeHealing – Self Experience Seminar
    Energetic Eye & LifeHealing - Self Experience Seminar Iris Kaplan EyeCode® Method In this two and half day self experience workshop your iris will be photographed and interpreted in relationship to your...
  • Energetic Eye & Life Healing Trainer
    Iris Kaplan EyeCode® Method A 12 Day Professional Communication Training The markings and colouration of the iris, reveal how a person has been influenced by their...

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