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The Natural Way to Improve Your.. EYESIGHT!

A Self-Help Approach for your Eyes and Life!

Welcome to Beyond2020Vision®. I am Roberto Kaplan and it is a pleasure to be of service. You have probably landed on this page because you have some difficulty with your eyes. And you are looking for an alternative approach.  You are right, there is a self-help natural approach for your eyes.  Also, one where practices are encouraged without the need to do eye exercises.

You see, the truth is your eye muscles are already very strong. Like a smart phone, consider your eye problems are like a text message, asking you to approach your eyes with new healthy perceptions.   It is the brain that controls your eyes.  Your thoughts and emotions determine how the brain is directed.  So, when you are controlled by fear or conditioned from the past, your eyes let in less light and even distort the light energy. Doctors in turn measure this as eye conditions or disease.


For the past 40 years, I have investigated how to precisely guide people to modify their controlled perceptions, through the Kaplan EyeCode® method. The result is better brain cooperation, and dealing with the real cause of eye difficulties.  New perceptions are programmed using self healing and practise audios into the brain.  Your eyes benefit from these new energies and healing results.


I am available for personal coaching to answer your questions and provide longer healing sessions.  I look forward to assisting you. Browse through the menu bar called Services to acquaint yourself with the offerings.



























Welcome, I am Roberto Kaplan, and am committed to you reaching the best possible results for your clear inner vision, resulting in healthier eyes and better eyesight.  Whether a child, adult or the elderly, I offer personal and long distance coaching in my office, and on the phone.  The events show which country I am visiting.

Contact me for a meeting.      


 Each week I dedicate certain number of hours to assist my long distance clients. Here are the steps to follow:

i. Define your eye or life difficulty

ii. Decide if you wish to speak by phone. Contact me

iii. We set up a time to talk


  • 3-day INTENSIVE Energetic EyeHealing Holiday (By Appointment)
    Get Immediate Natural HELP for your EYES You are invited to come to Germany for a 3 day intensive one-on-one sessions (7 to 9 contact hours) with Roberto Kaplan. (By appointment)  Accommodation You will be staying alone...
  • Seeing and Emotion
    Seeing clearly is more than our thinking and what happens in the eye. Seeing involves feeling, a deep knowing of how to receive incoming light. ...
  • Integrative Vision Trainer (Diploma Course)
    For the first time in 10 years I and my partner Vistara Haiduk will be offering the chance for you to take a diploma course in becoming an integrative vision...
  • Personal Energetic EyeHealing in Frankfurt
    As part of my WORKSHOP with Frankfurt ring on July 9th and 10th, 2016, I am available for personal Energetic EyeHealing sessions. I will guide you to help your eyes in...

Eye Symptoms


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Eye Healing


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